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Let us tell you a little about BeneScope, Inc.

BeneScope, Incorporated has developed a wide range and scope of services,  options and exciting opportunities to the community and to our clients.  Under the BeneScope umbrella are two main divisions;  Claims &  Benefit Advocacy & Benefit Navigation and Business Consulting & Sustainability Planning. 

BeneScope Claims & Benefit Advocacy & Benefit Navigation providing immediate, "hands on" care for the health insurance claims & benefit issues of your employees and our Business Consulting & Sustainability Planning meeting those company or agency planning, analysis and education needs that can not effectively  be met in-house. These services have been designed specifically to support your company or agency in the most integrated, efficient, effective, and timely manner.  We built our company to serve your needs.

Claims & Benefit Advocacy and Benefit Navigation:

As major changes occur in our nations health care system, it is becoming more and more evident that there are and will increasingly be significant gaps in the ability of a policyholder to successfully and expediently communicate with his/her insurance carrier concerning deductibles, unpaid claims, discrepancies in coverage, and the many other problems and issues that require discussions, solutions, and resolution.  For the employee or for your HR staff member, attempting to solve claims issues often takes valuable time and produces intense frustration.    Often we find that the issue may not be an unpaid or a slow paid claim but is, instead, simply not  understanding what the  policy offers and how best to utilize the coverage to ensure that all pre-requisites have been  met.  This is where our benefit navigation services will help to make that pathway clearer and more easily navigated. 

Our service has been founded to fill that ever widening communication gap and we do this with local, trained medical claims liaisons who can build that bridge of information between the member and their insurer.  These BeneScope subject matter experts take on the responsibility of speaking for the member, utilizing strong industry knowledge and  their problem solving know-how, which then  frees up the member (you or your employee) and their spouse to be focused on their work, their family, and their lives. 

Business Consulting & Sustainability Planning:

In this  "down-sizing "or "right-sizing" economy, few small or mid-size companies or agencies have the luxury of retaining staff that is dedicated to analyzing situations and advising on projects, developing in-service training, leading planning efforts and the myriad of other "once a year or less" activities that must be accomplished.  The absence of such specialized skill sets means that either someone, in house,  has to take on the effort and attempt to accomplish the deliverable ( completion of the end product such as business plans, new training courses, etc) . These individuals often struggle with the effort because it is not their field of expertise or the effort is tackled by someone in house who may have the ability but for whom this new task is heaped onto an already over-filled plate of primary and secondary duties. 

Our BeneScope team can apply exactly the skill set you need for exactly the period of time it is needed.  We work within  your schedule and involve exactly those you wish involved (internally and externally) to accomplish the deliverables .  The budget team will appreciate working with  BeneScope because they will always know the exact cost of the effort and those awkward and expensive "overruns" will be a thing of the past where planning and projects are concerned.  BeneScope has a robust menu of pre-defined products,  services and program options from which your leadership may chose,  but we also have the  ability to create the exact  service, training, project template, or other analysis, etc that  meets your  specific and unique need.