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BeneScope, Inc. currently has positions available for the following. Please see the Careers With BeneScope section to see if you might be the right fit. Contact us for application details.

Medical Insurance Liaisons

Position Summary:

"The individual in this position will actively develop and maintain positive, "customer first" client relationships by achieving a high standard of service excellence in the accomplishment of "one on one" member focused guidance and successful liaison services for BeneScope, Inc.  As the "voice" of the company to our individual clients, this team member will have a friendly and open attitude, and will be proactive and service oriented in the discharge of their key responsibilities and principal duties"

Synopsis of Key Responsibilities and Principal Duties:

  1. Answer member phone calls in a professional and positive manner and work with the member to establish, in a timely manner, the nature of the concern or issue and to determine what they would like the BeneScope Liaison to accomplish for them.
  2. Accept the role of both "mentor" and "liaison" when dealing with members for whom the health care concerns are confusing and anxiety producing, while maintain a leading, guiding, and supporting stance in order to effectively assist the member in resolution of their issue.

3.  Work with member, provider, and insurance carrier to resolve such things as:

  • Errors in application of deductibles and co-pays
  • Charges incorrectly applied to member deductible
  • Condition specific or preventative care based concerns
  • Need for simple paperwork submission
  • Coordination of benefits between multiple carriers
  • Correction of member information (often spousal primary insurance status)
  • Copies of referrals
  • Clarification or correction of incorrect procedure code interpretation
  • Provider network status correction
  • A myriad of other subtle and/or obvious issues that require correction or negotiation in order to resolve the issue.

4. Coach and guide members through such issues as understanding deductibles, prior authorization, and other navigation issues.

5. At all times, maintain the strictest of client confidentiality as well as meet the full standard set by HIPAA regulations.

6. Ensure that BeneScope, Incorporated Policies and Procedures, as well as the standards of the company, are maintained and that the company's name and reputation is protected.

7. Other duties as assigned.


Position Challenge:

The BeneScope  Liaison must be able to work well with clients, employees, health care providers, and health plan carriers, many of whom may represent widely diverse populations and viewpoints.  The commitment is to work directly with members, providers, and carriers in a supportive and collaborative (cooperative)  effort to resolve all issues and concerns in a timely and amicable way.  The position requires the ability to assess, plan, and implement resolution and solutions strategies in a timely and non-threatening manner.

The position requires the development of  a strong knowledge of and adherence to all policies and procedures set forth by BeneScope, Incorporated. One of the most challenging aspects of the position is that the Liaison will often encounter the member while he or she is frustrated, angry, or frightened and upset.  It is essential that the Liaison be able to recognize that this is not personal and works to defuse the anger, to make the member feel supported and to lessen the anxiety of the moment, while ensuring that no inappropriate promise is made.  Specific outcomes will depend on the individual circumstances of each case.

Working Relationships:

Must be able to work with  and successfully  build a positive and supportive relationship with both internal and external stakeholders. 


The Scope of the Role:

The Liaison is responsible for ensuring that the phone line is answered in a timely and professional manner, as well as; identifying, assessing, coordinating, collaborating, and executing strategies to solve problems, resolve issues and conflicts and develop options for individual members while explaining, guiding, and supporting the member as the solution is being developed and the issue resolved.


Position Qualifications:

A.   Education:  BA/BS degree in management, business, marketing, public administration, nursing, public health, social work, or related field is preferred.  Three (3) to five (5) years of successful comparable experience in a related field would be acceptable in the absence of degree.

B.  Experience:  At least three (3) to five (5) years of demonstrated experience in the health care field (provision or support), the insurance industry, social services (for profit or not for profit) and/or customer care related work.  Must have strong computer skills  and be comfortable with learning new software applications.  Experience with Microsoft Office software necessary.

CProfessional & Leadership Skills: Must be able to facilitate small and informal planning or solutions development sessions.  Must be comfortable speaking with strangers, individuals in authority, and those who appear to be angry or upset. 

D.  Interpersonal Relations Skills:  Must be able to develop good interpersonal relationships with other quickly. 

E.  Communications Skills:  Excellent written and verbal communications skills are required.

F.  Professional Presentation:  Appropriate business or business casual attire, attitude and demeanor for each situation.  Ensuring that, with the exception of specifically determined "casual" days, the staff member will present in business or appropriate business casual clothing and will conduct themselves in a manner that reflects favorably on BeneScope, Inc.