Business Sustainability

BeneScope Business Consulting & Sustainability Planning

Business Planning and SustainabilityWhether your business is well established or is a relatively new start up, there is a BeneScope service for you.  In our Business Consulting and Sustainability Planning Division, we have a significant menu of programs and services that we offer. But we also have the unusual distinction of being able to customize the consulting or planning product which you require specifically to meet your company's needs.  In todays "down-sized and right-sized" economic environment, it is not feasible to retain, in house, all of the skills and expertise to accomplish various specialized activities  and that is where BeneScope can help you.

Our current menu includes:

  • Continuity of Operations Planning
  • Business Plan Development
  • General Annual Business & Budget Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • FASB & GASB Consulting
  • Opertional Review of Business Systems
  • Grant Writing and Grant Administration Education
  • Performance Development Planning
  • Leadership Development Training and Mentoring Program
  • Team Building and Team Work Process

We have the capability to craft the exact educational, training, planning, or project deliverable (product, service, or program) that your company, industry, or not-for-profit might need.

Many CEOs and Directors of Companies become our clients first through the utilization of our innovative Claims & Benefit Advocacy and Benefit Navigation Services which provide a direct, one on one service to their employees and also serves the need of the employer to have an employee who is better  able to  concentrate on his or her work.  However, as your company leadership becomes familiar with the quality of our work and the services being offered by the Business Consulting & Sustainability Planning division of the company, we are certain that we will soon become a "one stop shop" for all of your company's planning, consulting, training, advocacy and benefit clarification needs.